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Humboldt County Success Stories

The Humboldt County Development Association is committed to ensuring the prosperity of existing industry as well as the successful recruitment of new industry. Below is a glimpse into the accomplishments of the organization.

  • Bomgaars new facility assistance
  • Recruited Illinois-based tank manufacturer to Humboldt
  • Humboldt Business Park Brownfield Development
  • Northwest Industrial Park II re-development
  • Northwest Industrial Park I subdivision
  • Tax Increment financing assistance
  • Industry Recruitment campaign
  • Synchronist™ Data Collection
  • County-wide LocationOne Information System™
  • Coordinate lease of existing speculative building


Since 2011...

Humboldt County Jobs

  • Retained more than 300 jobs.
  • Created more than
    95 jobs.


Humboldt County Valuation

  • Assisted with projects adding more than $20 million in property tax valuation to Humboldt County.