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Transportation & Utilities

Humboldt County is well-positioned in regards to transportation and logistics.  With the intersection of US Highway 169 and State Highway 3 in Humboldt and the proximity to Interstate 35 and Interstate 90, Humboldt County offers tremendous access to major distribution areas across the Midwest.

US Highway 169 runs north and south and State Highway 3 runs west and east through Humboldt County. Humboldt County communities are approximately 30-45 minutes west of Interstate 35 and 15-30 minutes north of US Highway 20 and approximately 60 minutes south of Interstate 90.

Location Approximate
Distance in Miles
Travel Time
Minneapolis, MN 200 miles 3.25 hours
Chicago, IL 415 miles 7.75 hours
St. Louis, MO 453 miles 7 hours
Kansas City, MO 280 miles 4.25 hours
Des Moines, IA 113 miles 1.75 hours
Omaha, NE 177 miles 3 hours

Union Pacific Railroad has lines serving the following Humboldt County communities: Bode, Gilmore City, Hardy, Livermore, LuVerne, Ottosen and Pioneer. Additional information can be obtained by visiting Union Pacific Railroad's website.

The Humboldt Municipal Airport will accommodate single engine aircraft up to twin engine aircraft. The runway is 60 x 3417 and is 12/30. There is a 24-hour terminal with phone service. The Fort Dodge Regional Airport provides connecting flights to major airports and is located 15 miles south of Humboldt.

Bus Service
Low cost public transit bus service is provided for Humboldt County by Pathfinders Strategic Partners. For more information check out Pathfinders Facebook.

Humboldt County offers safe, reliable and dependable utility service to residents and businesses.  From water and wastewater in each community to gas, electric and telecommunications provided through utility partners, Humboldt County is positioned for growth!

Electric   Natural Gas
   *Midland Power Cooperative     *MidAmerican Energy Company
   *MidAmerican Energy Company  

Water & Wastewater
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City of Bode City of Bradgate
City of Dakota City City of Gilmore City
City of Humboldt City of Livermore
City of Ottosen  


For more information on transportation services in Humboldt County, please contact us.